As some of you might know Cameras Underwater is closing down their London showroom because of economical difficulties. The complete London staff were made redundant some weeks ago. However all is not lost. Out of the ashes of Cameras Underwater will arise a new outfit called OCEAN LEISURE CAMERAS. This will mean that the same crack team that used to serve people in the London showroom will continue to provide advice and help with all things underwater. The new shop will sell among other products: Canon, Panasonic, Inon, Sea&Sea, Fisheye, Patima, Nauticam, Light&Motion and GoPro. I’m happy to announce that Deepshots will also be working together with this new venture!

Here’s the press release the mother company Ocean Leisure have just released:

An interesting announcement.

Duxy, Dave, Jussi, Mario and Steve (all ex Cameras Underwater) have stubbornly refused to leave their Embankment lair underneath the arches inside Ocean Leisure. Recently ‘redundified’ and left to wander aimlessly around the area bothering the pigeons and tramps, they felt drawn back to the familiar sights and smells of the counters and cupboards that they had called home for the previous six years.

So, in a great display of compassion, the guys at Ocean Leisure, to keep them off the streets, out of mischief and allow them to indulge their almost obsessive nerdiness about all things that matter within the world of underwater photography, have kindly allowed them to continue to dish out help and advice on all things aquatically optical, to the patrons enjoying the many delights on offer inside Ocean Leisure. Rest assured that they will be kept to their own little area that they have always occupied, but now they will be known as Ocean Leisure Cameras, or OLC for short, imaginative eh?

Seriously though, the very best advice in underwater photographic imaging and sales is not going anywhere and Duxy and the team want to ensure that their loyal customers and friends that they have made over the years pop in and say hi. They also welcome with open arms new clients that want to take photographs or video in any sort of difficult or camera hazardous conditions. So if digital imaging is your thing; on, under or in the wet stuff, then they are the team to count on for the best, unbiased advice.

With solutions ranging from Digital Compacts and the plethora of cool accessories that are available for them nowadays, to the very latest in Digital SLR’s, MicroFourThirds and Video Cameras, they will have something to suit all pockets and abilities. Most importantly though they all have extensive real world experience of using this equipment so are, without doubt, the very best people to help and advise you on your requirements.

Additionally please don’t be scared if you’re new to diving and the world of underwater photography, the team love dispelling the myth that UW photography is difficult or massively expensive, they’ll show you exactly how to get the best out of your camera underwater.

Ocean Leisure Cameras opens on the 18th July with a grand opening sometime in August.

Ocean Leisure Cameras can be found within Ocean Leisure, which is London’s premier watersports superstore. With a huge and diverse range of stock covering everything from sailing to diving, surfing to water skiing, it’s your one stop shop for all your aquatic needs.

Visit or call 0207 930 5051



  1. Penny Dixie says:

    Good news!

  2. Shelly Hibberd says:

    Fantastic news! This team kick butt when it comes to good, friendly, impartial advice – they really know their stuff and deliver service in a top quality, customer focused style – CUW will surely miss having these guys on their team- indeed interesting times!! I know I will definitely be continuing to go to Ocean Leisure for my underwater photography advice and info – or just a good chat – and will certainly let others know – well done guys – there was no way this team would have wandered the streets for too long without being snapped up (excuse the pun…)!

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