Deepshots Trioplan 50 Focus Gear (micro four thirds)

  • £130.00

Deepshots Trioplan 50 Focus Gear (micro four thirds)

The Meyer Optik Goerlitz Trioplan 50mm is a shorter version of the already famous Trioplan 100 bubble bokeh lens. The shorter focal length makes this lens optimal for mirrorless cameras like Olympus and Panasonic (m43rds).

The lens is fully manual so you will be needing this gearing to get started. Note that the Deepshots Trioplan gearing will allow the focus from the main focus ring of the lens.

For best results use the Nauticam Macro port 56 (N85). The Nauticam macro port 65 is also suitable.

Will fit to Olympus PT-EP range of housings but you will need to experiment with the ports. Try the AOI FLP-04 with a small extension.  

More info about the lens you can find from here:

(the gear comes in black)