Deepshots Gear Information

Deepshots Gear Material:






Deepshots gears are my unique designs and 3D printed in my workshop from tough PLA/PHA polymer. PLA/PHA material is a sturdy, environmentally friendly and hard wearing plastic material with a bit of flexibility in it. This is why Deepshots gears have been given a lifetime “wear-out” warranty. If you manage to wear its teeth out in normal use just send it back for free replacement. (This warranty will not cover other types of damage).  Remember to keep your Deepshots gear away from hot surfaces, etc... and avoid prolonged sun exposure. Although the PLA/PHA polymer starts to melt only in temperatures above 150 degrees of Celsius, prolonged heat of 75C and above can soften and warp the gear.


Using Deepshots Gears:

As a keen underwater photographer and M4/3rds user I’ve tested the gear designs thoroughly to make sure they work well. All Deepshots gears come with small scrub screws that can be used to tighten the O-rings that sit inside the gear cylinder. These O-rings will grip the zoom/focus ring of the lens without scratching or damaging the lens. Depending on the gear type and also somewhat on your personal preferences the tightness of the gear can be adjusted. To do this you get a small Allen-key with your gear. Note that often there is no reason to tighten the gear and the “factory settings” are sufficient. With your gear you will also get some spare O-ring pieces in case you lose some or they get damaged.

Easiest way to find the best position for the gear is to use the Nauticam camera tray as a guideline. When in correct position there should be about 2-3mm gap between the gear teeth and the lens release lever. See the image. (Olympus 12-50 and 14-42EZ gears will ship with further installation instructions.) 




Payment and Delivery:

I attempt to manufacture and ship the gears as soon as possible. This means that most of the times your gear will leave in 4 - 5 working days. All Deepshots gears are sent by Royal Mail recorded delivery and you will get a shipping confirmation email with tracking code once the items have been dispatched. Delivery times will of course wary depending where you are situated. I’ve sent gears as far as Japan and delivery didn’t take more than 5-6 days. All UK orders will usually take only 1 day to arrive after you have got your shipping confirmation.  


Average Royal Mail shipping costs:

UK: £7.00 (Signed for small parcel)
Europe: £9.00 - £18.00 (International Tracked & Signed)
Rest of the world: £17.00 - £20.00 (International Tracked & Signed, where available)

If you don’t see your country in the list please let me know.

Accepted payment methods are PayPal and major Credit Cards.