Scubalamp P53 Video-Strobe Light Silver

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The Scubalamp P53 is not your average video light. Not only is it a 5000-lumen high CRI video light but it also doubles as your underwater strobe. The high-tech COB LED light source can produce a powerful (10000-lumen) blink of light, which is synced from your camera's onboard flash via a fibre optic cable. the P53 LED flash can be used with up to 1/2000s of second shutter speeds. The flash from the P53 light is powerful enough for your close-up and wide-angle close-focus photography. 

The P53 light also has a red and blue beam, which can be used on their own or as a spotting light. The light also includes a clever infinitely variable brightness control which allows the operator to easily vary the output steplessly by holding down the control button. 

The P53 has a user replaceable battery pack and a possibility for double battery upgrade if the 60 minute burn time (in full power) is not enough. These lights are available in standard black and in amazing silver. 

- Output: 5000-lumen max white output
- Colour temperature: 5600K (with cri of RA96)
- Beam angle in water: 100 degrees
- Flash output: 10000-lumen white 5600K 100 degrees beam
- Works with pre-flash type onboard flashes. (will not work with some manual flash modes that disable the pre-flash)
- Video light burn time: 60mins @ 5000-lumen, 150mins @ 2000-lumen
- Battery: User-replaceable 4x18650 Li-ion pack (double batteries available)
- Depth Rated to 100m 
- Size 195mm x 56mm
- Weight: 520g (on land), 350g (underwater)

Included in the box: 1" ball mount, charger, UK power cord, battery pack, fibre optic sync cord (Sea & Sea type), spare O-rings, travel case.