Deepshots Macro Adaptors for Sea & Sea YS-D3 Snoot

  • £45.00

Macro adaptor kit for Sea & Sea YS-D3 snoot. 

Sea & Sea has introduced a great little snoot accessory for their YS-D3 and YS-D3 MKII strobes. This simple snoot has even a built-in prism for the modelling the light. The issue with the snoot is that the beam angle is not very narrow and hence not very useful for real macro photography.

These macro adaptors for the snoot narrow the beam angle to be more suitable for macro "snoot" photography in water. 

- Angle with the Sea & Sea snoot only: approx 60-70 degrees
- Angle with the "shorter" adaptor: approx 30 degrees
- Angle with the "longer" adaptor: approx 18 degrees

- Simple push-fit design
- The kit Includes two adaptors
- Sea & Sea YS-D3 snoot not included (you can get one HERE