Deepshots Olympus 12-50 Zoom Gear v2

  • £60.00

New V2 Gear available now
- Improved compatibility
- Easier to put on and take off.
- Still the same great price!

For Nauticam and Olympus Housings

Olympus 12-50mm Zoom Gear is designed to be used with Nauticam Housing and macro port 65. This gear allows you to use the Olympus Zuiko ED 12-50mm f3.5-6.3 EZ lens as a handy wet lens capable macro-semiwide combo. (Note: Use the Nauticam wetmate as your wide lens and  Subsee +10, or similar magnification as your macro option.) The gear will also work inside Nauticam 4" Wide Angle Port.

With this gear you don't need to use the Nauticam's own very expensive port/gear system for the 12-50mm.

This gear can also be used with all Olympus PT-EPx range housings including the PT-EP14. Just make sure your port is long enough.

Note: With the new PT-EP13 housing the gear has limited compatibility due the EM5II camera shape and slightly changed housing design. With the PT-EP13 we recommend using the gear so that the the 12-50 lens is in its electronic zoom position. The gear should be positioned so that it lightly touches the front of the prism housing (i.e. where the Olympus text is)