Deepshots Snoot Kit For Smart Focus Lights

  • £79.00

Snoot kit for Weefine Smart Focus lights.

These snoot adapters are designed to be used with Weefine Smart Focus lights. You can use them with the Weefine Optical Collector lens that is an additional item available for these lights. Compatible lights are the Smart Focus 2300, 3000, 4000 and 6000 light units. 

The kit features two snoot adapters. The shorter and wider one is designed for close focus wide-angle photography. The long and narrow one for close-up/macro photography.

- Construction: Aluminium thread, 3D printed PLA plastic body, stainless steel bolts.
- 43.5mm diameter thread: fits to the Weefine optical collector unit 
- 4 to 5 day delivery time


NOTE: These snoots can't be attached on the lights without the Weefine optical collector unit.